Coming 2015

Coming 2015, Welsummer chicken eggs.Welsummer Chicken Eggs For those who buy my eggs from the market, you will be delighted to know that a deep dark brown (rust?) egg is on the way. All chicks that we buy are feed a medicated chicken start to ensure flock vitality. They remain separated and on this feed for 16 weeks, then introduced to the main flock at nighttime. Sounds odd, photo 1(2)but it reduces aggression from the other hens.

 photo 5

Cucumbers and Onions

My grandmother use to make this for the hay crews at the noon dinnner. It is simple and so refreshing on a hot day.

Take a cucumber, peeled or unpeeled, and slice into rings. Thinly slice a small onion. Put these ingredients into a bowl and cover with cold water. Add vinegar to taste. Add black pepper to taste and dash of salt if you wish. Refrigerate for a few hours (or overnight) before serving.

A Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That

Hey wasn’t that a hit song? If you missed Salmon Creek last week, you missed a very special surprise from Ute. She was handing out samples of her baked currant dessert. What a treat!!! I’m a little late telling you guys what’s going on at Legacy but at least I can catch you up on what we’ll be bringing to Salmon Creek. Itailia will have her fava beans and squash. Chris and Jean will be bringing  Marketmore slicing cucumbers, Deloris has Napa cabbage, Kohlrabi, tomatoes, fresh Elephant Garlic, snow peas. I’ll be bringing eggs, lettuce, Dun peas, maybe more blueberries and Marion berries. Terri flew the coop and is taking a rested week off. I’m sure there are going to be more hidden surprises showing up at our booth, so hopefully you can make it down or over and see what we have. By the way, check out Deloris’s field that she put up on BBC Facebook page. What a hard working women.


What We’re Bringing to Camas

Here are some samples of items that we are bringing to the Camas Farmers Market tomorrow June 18th. Rob and Laurie will have green collards, mustard, salad greens, herbs, lemon balm, mint pepper starts. Ray will have his wonderful radishes, Terri will have chocolate mint, pineapple mint starts, little lavender bundles, sedium and succulent starts. San Marzano tomato starts, one purple tomatillo starts. Mary will have eggs, beefy tomato, pumpkin and pepper starts. Not sure what Chris and Jean will have, but we know it will be wonderful. Nina needs to plant that day, so she’s taking the day off. Hope to see some of you tomorrow.Bell Pepperseggs in basket



A Little More History

Since it’s founding in 1883, Camas has built and operated a massive papermaking mill, created a base for many high profile technology industries, established schools, libraries, etc., and has built an entire community that participates  generates and creates a life for the city of Camas. Believe it or not, Camas was  originally Oregonian. Henry Pittock, the owner of the Oregonian, needed a place photo 4that provided lots of waterpower for a area that would hold a paper making mill. And in 1883 Pittock selected the town site of what is now modern Camas, WA. Thus began a long an enticing history for the city of Camas.

Camas was not officially incorporated June 18th, 1906 with the name “Camas” coming from the prized Native American plant with an onion like bulb named Camas Lily. Camas relied heavily on the papermaking mill for a long period of time until the development of new technologies, such as Hewlett-Packard, created industries in Camas

Chris Paulson

Chris with EgglantChris live in the Fruit Valley neighborhood and has been with BBC since 2011.  She is a huge contributor with many different types lettuces, potatoes and beans. She has worked very hard on making our tables very beautiful at the market. We have new designs on laying out our products with a new BBC sign.  She is also instrumental in making flyers and brochures for our customers.

Meet the Grower

Itialia Laruff  Meet our newest member Itailia Laruffa.  Itailia brings many beautiful vegetables and fruits to the market.  She is a great asset to BBC with her vast knowledge of heirloom varieties, and history of the produce that she grows.  She provides many recipes and preparation instructions to our customers who are experiencing a new vegetable for the first time.


Maika Horjus and Warren Neth (Vanport Gardens) – Founders of Backyard Bounty


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Warren Neth began gardening at an early age, specializing in harvesting (i.e. gobbling up) fresh fruit from his family’s small orchard. Warren’s grandmother was a true believer in edible landscaping, cultivating a muriad of fruits, veggies, and herbs and regularly treating her family … Continue reading