Here is an article in the Reflector that is very important to every grower who wants to produce high quality vegetables.


One thought on “Soil

  1. Thanks for sending this along. Alex and I went to the NW Ag Expo at the Portland Expo Center and talked to a number of interesting vendors:

    Columbian River Carbonates – they are based in Woodland and sell a variety of lime products. Lime’s a great soil amendment. Available at Wilco

    Oregon Valley Green Houses based in Aurora, OR.

    Pacific Gro – sells salmon, kelp, shrimp and kelp based foliar sprays – available at Tsugawa’s in Woodland

    And Green Future Equipment based in Sacramento that sells a solar powered bug zapper for pests like stink bugs

    Not to say these are the only or best vendors for their types of products, but we’ll bring information to the meeting Februrary 25th.


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