Stoney Goat Farm

bbc-furture-farm-standBrad and Itailia finally were able to purchase a 5 acre parcel of land up in Ridgefield this past Fall. Brad has been busy tilling up one of the acres and putting a cover crop on before Winter begins. But the great news is that they are going to convert one of their horse sheds into a farm stand. Not sure if 2017 will be the target date or 2018. Stay tuned. Another big add on to our group was Ray finally getting his hoop house/greenhouse up and running. He already has it tilled inside and ready to go!!!!  My neighbor farmer lost his lease on his property and had to move. We took all of his heavy equipment and are storing it until he becomes situated again. In replace for payment he gave us his 20×50 greenhouse. This is a little to much for me right now but I asked Jarren if he was interested (said it sounded interesting, Jarren does amazing with heirloom tomatoes) so maybe we’ll be expanding quite a bit next year. rays-side-angle-hoop-houserays-hoop-house


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