Zak is Back

So, Zak who is new this year finally is in the market after having chicken issue’s in his garden. Now thankfully he is coming on strong with not only baby carrots, squash but also Walla Walla onions, chicken and duck eggs. This is great because I don’t have to hunt Laurie down and try to convince her that she needs to supply the uptown market as well. So good new here that I’m feeling confident that we will have eggs now at every market. Also, Deloris is finally making a comeback or a slow start but starting to pop her head up a little. Her squash is starting to show up at the uptown market and Legacy. She confessed that she just got her string beans in the ground last week and knows she is very late. Those who do not know Deloris will quickly know her as the cucumber lady. She comes to the market with four or five different varieties of cucumbers. I on the other hand have not brought anything new to the market other then salad mix and apples. My Transparent apple tree is finally done and now I’m moving onto my Gravenstein apple tree. We moved our Fish Market from Friday night to Saturday’s and let’s just say the market has growing potential. But if you look at the table in the picture, (with the cute kids in the middle) you will see a very ample table of our bounty.   See you at the market!!  Mary





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