A Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That

Hey wasn’t that a hit song? If you missed Salmon Creek last week, you missed a very special surprise from Ute. She was handing out samples of her baked currant dessert. What a treat!!! I’m a little late telling you guys what’s going on at Legacy but at least I can catch you up on what we’ll be bringing to Salmon Creek. Itailia will have her fava beans and squash. Chris and Jean will be bringing  Marketmore slicing cucumbers, Deloris has Napa cabbage, Kohlrabi, tomatoes, fresh Elephant Garlic, snow peas. I’ll be bringing eggs, lettuce, Dun peas, maybe more blueberries and Marion berries. Terri flew the coop and is taking a rested week off. I’m sure there are going to be more hidden surprises showing up at our booth, so hopefully you can make it down or over and see what we have. By the way, check out Deloris’s field that she put up on BBC Facebook page. What a hard working women.



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