A Very Busy Week

Now that we finished the month of June in Camas, we are turning our sights on the Legacy, Salmon Creek markets. Oh ya, we’re still doing Camas this week also. We have two new members who are going to supply us with rhubarb.  This is great because no one in the co-op has rhubarb.  They are definitely going to corner the market. Bad news is that they only want to sell in Camas. Maybe with a little urging from our followers, let’s get them on the West side as well!!!!!  

Coming this Tuesday to Legacy Market, Jarren will be providing his specialty of Collard greens. I’m trying to get his to open up and give me some of his Southern recipes. When he does, it will be on the web site. Rob and Laurie will also be providing greens and maybe blueberries. Let’s cross our fingers. Deloris is hitting it out of the park this week with her purple peacock broccoli, Ursa and Red Russian kale, golden snow peas, Italian parsley, mini Napa cabbages, Boothby’s  cucumbers. I haven’t heard from the rest of the group, but it’s starting to smell like a stir fry in someone’s future.  When the gang starts reporting in with their harvest for this week, more information will be coming your way.

collard greens stir fry





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