Kelly Baur – Grower/On Subbatical for 2013

Although Kelly Baur grew up spending every August at her family’s farm for pear harvest, she planted her first garden just last year. She grew everything from potatoes to jalapeños and even had a few watermelons. In hopes of not having to buy so many groceries (because of excessive non-biodegradeable packaging and long-distance transportation of food) throughout the year, she stored her root vegetables and squash in her root cellar and canned, dried or froze most of everything else. Kelly was eating her own onions and potatoes until February of this year! She grows everything from seed, but starts her peppers, tomatillos and tomatoes in a cold frame before transplanting them out to her garden. The only fertilizers she used this past year were a manure tea made by her very own chickens and a fertilizer made by her dad that is called Crystal Green and comes from struvite that accumulates on pipes at the wastewater treatment center where he works. Kelly’s goal is to one day grow enough food to feed herself and has hopes to take over the family farm eventually.


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